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Grief Evolves

I just changed the components of the acronym myG.L.A.S.S. because I have evolved. In a very positive way thank God. When I began this...

The Beginning

When Tom passed, I believed and had always believed that when a person dies, that's it. There's nothing beyond life here on Earth. We...

Happy Birthday Tom

Yesterday was our son's 34th birthday...March 24, 1988. We had a simple family dinner at home. We grilled some large steaks and had...

Panang Curry

I made this recipe last night and my family loved it. It was easy to make and delicious. You do need to have a few things on hand that...

Tend Your Own Garden

Yesterday I woke up feeling blue. I felt unsure about almost everything that I'm doing with my time...whether or not I'm fulfilling my...

In The Beginning

In the first year after Tom passed, I found that I couldn't read. I couldn't focus on a novel like I had before. I have always been a...


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