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A place for sharing our grief, love, art, self-care, and surrender.

You're probably here because your heart is broken and you don't know if it will ever be unbroken again. 

I know how you feel.

By sharing my journey as well as some practical and spiritual ideas that have helped me, I hope to reassure you that your heart will mend...your heart will not be forever broken!

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Life After Life?

As human beings, we are keenly and perhaps (although who can say for sure), uniquely aware that some day we will die. And when we lose a...

First Things First

I wrote this blog post in 2021 but for some reason didn't post it. So, I'm posting it now because it's important and I am also adding a...

Grief Evolves

I just changed the components of the acronym myG.L.A.S.S. because I have evolved. In a very positive way thank God. When I began this...

The Beginning

When Tom passed, I believed and had always believed that when a person dies, that's it. There's nothing beyond life here on Earth. We...

Happy Birthday Tom

Yesterday was our son's 34th birthday...March 24, 1988. We had a simple family dinner at home. We grilled some large steaks and had...

Panang Curry

I made this recipe last night and my family loved it. It was easy to make and delicious. You do need to have a few things on hand that...

Tend Your Own Garden

Yesterday I woke up feeling blue. I felt unsure about almost everything that I'm doing with my time...whether or not I'm fulfilling my...

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