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Cloud with Silver Lining

What is Love?

Defining love is perhaps like defining water or air. We need it to survive. It takes many forms. But because you're visiting this particular website at this particular time, your heart may be broken and that broken heart may be getting in your way of Being yourself. Love is a state of Being. You can never loose it. It is always deep within you. But your true nature -- your open-hearted essence may have become buried under your grief, sadness, confusion... After all, without LOVE, there is no loss...there is no grief. 

But your heart is not really broken. It is profoundly wounded but it still works. Your true nature -- your LIGHT is there. It's always there. And you have the power to connect with it.

Indeed, we all must commit to doing whatever it takes to free ourselves from our unconscious habits (obsessive negative thinking?) that lead to our suffering. Our deepest nature is fundamentally loving, open minded, eternal, and available to ourselves and others. Expanding and exploring our own hearts is the love we will explore here. 

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