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2019: Does Loss Come in Threes?

First, on January 13, 2019 we lost our son, Tom.

Second, our daughter got married that same year on June 28 to her fiancé who had been part of the family for five years. But by October 2019, just four months after the wedding, he told her she wasn't meeting his needs and he was done with marriage. By January of 2020, they filed for divorce.

Third, January 2020, a global pandemic. And our youngest was 1,000 miles away at college (senior year). It threw him off and he hasn't graduated yet.

This is what I mean when I say, sometimes, your glass feels like it's full of shit!

But in spite of all that -- losing two sons in the same year and a global pandemic, we are all okay. Our daughter is doing great as a matter of fact! PHEW! She's awesome! And our baby is finishing his degree on-line. He too is awesome!

But whaaaaat??

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