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Art is Whatever Helps You Survive Your Grief

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

So when I talk about Art, I mean anything that you do that brings you joy and takes you into the flow. It could be painting, writing, hiking, birdwatching, sculpting, taking photos, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting...anything that we would normally call a hobby. It is generally not work, although if your job brings you joy and takes you out of your thoughts and into presence, then it's your work.

For me, it's painting, walking with my friends, and taking photographs of plants and flowers. Also I guess, just being with my favorite people.

Why? Because being in the flow and away from the negative downward spiraling mind space that we find ourselves in much of the day when we are grieving can be very helpful and healthy. Anything that helps you survive. Sometimes you may need to watch Netflix all day -- especially early in the process. We simply are not meant to withstand the full force of grief all at once. Sometimes we need to numb out. Numbness is part of grief.

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