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I'm Writing This Because It's What I Do

Updated: Jun 28

I've been in and out of this project from inception. I believe it's because I'm struggling with the idea of attachment -- attachment to an outcome. I keep thinking that it's all very pointless unless I have readers. But I don't have readers because 1, it's pretty much impossible to get found on Google and 2, I haven't shared it with anyone who actually knows me yet. And I suppose I haven't done that because it's so personal AND seems rather silly that I've put all this effort into something that has no audience! And round and round it goes.

But I've struggled long enough and have decided that it just doesn't matter. It's a heart project whether or not anyone ever finds it. I may or may not talk about it with friends and family. I don't know yet. But I will keep working on this because it's important to me. It's simply one of the things that I do. I enjoy doing it. It's fun. And so I will continue.

Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action -- just give attention to the action itself. The fruit will come of its own accord. This is a powerful spiritual practice called Karma Yoga -- the path of consecrated action.

from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

detail of one of my paintings...Heart Energy 3 40" x 30" oil and cold wax medium

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