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The Beginning

When Tom passed, I believed and had always believed that when a person dies, that's it. There's nothing beyond life here on Earth. We have only our memories to hold on to once a loved one has left their physical body.

I no longer believe that. Crazy, I know, but I have had experiences that have changed everything. (see previous post) And I'm not alone. Even science may show us that there's more to consciousness than our brains and bodies. Much more. And it's pretty darn exciting!

After Tom passed, I toggled back and forth between heartbreak, confusion, disillusionment...and gratitude. Gratitude for the truly beautiful time that I had with Tom and for the family and friends that I have who were so helpful and kind when I needed them most. I realized just how important it is to maintain relationships. Without relationships, where are we? Without love who are we? I also began to explore spiritual teachings.

The first person I came across was Michael Singer. A friend of mine told me about him. I read his book The Untethered Soul and I participated in one of his on-line courses. I enjoyed him a lot. At around the same time, I discovered Eckhart Tolle. I read his book The Power of Now which I loved. I found his YouTube channel as well, and I his gentle, calming German accent was comforting and helpful in a practical way.

Most of their ideas are not new, but many of them were new to ME! Singer and Tolle don't pretend that they have anything to share that hasn't been said before as these ideas are grounded in traditions that are thousands of years old. They talk about Jesus and Buddhism and Doaism and other religious and philosophical teachings. But they present these ideas in a way that speaks to me -- a westerner who went to Presbyterian churches as a young person but has grown up in a more or less secular tradition who is also by the way, married to a scientist.

Between YouTube and reading I happened upon another book: I'm Still With You by Sherrie Dillard. This book exploded my mind. This book was the beginning of how I got to where I am today. And I'm so grateful.

Even when were are not aware that our loved one, family member, or friend is close, they are, perhaps even looking right at us and likely trying to get our attention. Love between souls doesn't diminish with passing, Not only is our love eternal, our bond and connection with those we love survives physical death.

Wait, what now? Survives physical death? This was new to me. Of course I knew that many millions perhaps billions of people believe in an afterlife. Heaven, souls...being with God and loved ones after death, etc. But my understanding then was that belief in any kind of afterlife was a matter of faith and faith alone. But Sherrie Dillard seemed to have evidence of an afterlife.

The book I'm Still With You provides case studies taken from her almost four decades of experience as a medium. In the book she recounts some of the many stories that have been communicated to her from those in spirit as well as the healing and transformation that occurs when we become open to the possibility of connecting to our loved ones who have passed.

This book is what put me on my path of discovery. It's

really quite a ride!

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