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We Have To Eat. But It's Hard.

In the beginning of loss and grief, eating and sleeping are difficult. That's just the way it is. I was fortunate to have a few wonderful friends who stopped by with dinners for me and my family in the first weeks. What a relief and blessing that was because the last thing I wanted to do was make dinner. But we need to eat. We need our strength. And we need to be able to accept help from our friends and community. So allow yourself to accept all the help and comfort you can get. You need it and your friends and loved ones want to help. They really, really do!

Obviously this is a stock photo as I didn't take photos of the food we ate during this horrendous time. But I am fortunate to have friends who are great cooks and I received food every bit as beautiful as this! I'm very lucky! And I can't resist a great photo of one of my favorite comfort foods.

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